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Aba Turkish Restaurant

About Us:

At ABA Restaurant, you will instantly feel as though you walked into the city of Istanbul. We offer a variety of Mediterranean and Turkish dishes, all served within a comfortable, warm setting. We provide generous portions, while maintaining modest prices.

Beside the dishes and appetizers; ABA Restaurant serves deserts in a very unique way. Baklava Pistachio and Walnut are directly shipped from Turkey. Other deserts are made by our chefs served fresh and with the touch of homemade taste.

A taste of Turkey, along with Mediterranean options, awaits at this traditional spot with a patio.



1) Breakfast:

-Breakfast Platter $16.95

-Menemen  $14.95

-Feta Cheese Omelette $14.95

-Pepper Omelette $14.95

-Turkish Sucuk Omelette $14.95

-Mushroom Omelette $14.95


2) Soups:

-Lentil Soup $7.95

-Soup Of The Day $7.95


3) Salads:

-Aba $12.95

-Small Shepherd $11.95

-Large Shepherd $15.95

-Chicken $17.95

-Green $11.95

-Greek $11.95

-Falafel $14.95

-Arugula $12.95

-Caesar $11.95

-Mediterranean $12.95






3) Cold Appetizers:

-Hummus $8.95

-Lebni $8.95

-Spicy Vegetables $8.95

-Cacik $8.95

-Red Bearn Salad $8.95

-Beets $7.95

-Eggplant Salad $9.95

-Eggplant with Tomato Sauce $9.95

-Tabbouleh $8.95

-Stuffed Grape Leaves $11.95

-Red Lentil Balls $8.95

-Small Cold Appetizer Platter $21.95

-Large Cold Appetizer Platter $28.95


4) Hot Appetizers:

-Phyllo Scrolls $9.95

-Falafel $10.95

-Calf’s Liver $15.95

-Spinach Borek $8.95

-Mucver $10.95

-Fried Calamari $13.95






5) Main Course:

-Doner Kebab “Turkish Gyro” $22.95

-Lamb Shish Kebab $27.95

-Chicken Saute $21.95

-Chicken Shish Kebab $22.95

-Iskender Kebab $25.95

-Ali Nazik $29.95

-Yogurt Kebab $25.95

-Turkish Metaballs “Kofte” $22.95

-Manti “Turkish Homemade $22.95

-Lamb Chops $33.95

-ABA Combo $36.95

-Lamb Adana Kebab $24.95

-Chicken Adana Kebab $22.95

-Sultan’s Delight $26.95

-Chicken Chops $23.95

-Stuffed Cabbage Leaves $22.95

-Musakka $27.95

-Lamb Shank $29.95


Aba Turkish Restaurant Contact:

Address: 325, West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019, USA
Phone: 212-969-1782
E-mail: info@abarestaurant.com
Web site:  Click Here!
Turkishbazaar: Click Here!