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About Us:

ABK BOSTON is proud to be partners with Turkishbazaar.us which is our new Turkish Guide Book!

It is the training partner of Turkish Bazaar!

ABK BOSTON Abroad Education company was established in 2019 to find schools suitable for the goals, scores, and potentials of Turkish students. Our headquarters is located in Boston, USA. We provide free consultancy services on overseas education with more than 200 schools that we have contracted within America, England, Canada, and many European countries.


Our services

  • Summer school (6-18 age group)
  • Language school (16 years and above)
  •  Internship programs
  • High school education
  •  University education (University preparation, undergraduate, graduate, doctorate)
  •  Certificate programs
For your questions about overseas education, you can contact us at info@abkbostonedu.com email.

ABK BOSTON was established in 2019 to provide reliable information to Turkish students about schools abroad that best match their needs, background, and potential. ABK is based in Boston, MA, and has been advising applications for International study in the U.S, UK, Canada, and many European countries.

We offer free academic counseling and placement services for over 200 language school and university partners around the world.

ABK BOSTON provides educational consulting services for:

  • Summer programs for 6-18-year-old students

  • Language programs for 16+-year-old students

  • Paid and unpaid internship programs

  • High school education

  • Degree programs (Foundation, Pathway, Bachelor, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees)

  • Certificate programs

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@abkbostonedu.com. We will be happy to inform you.


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