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Ali Baba Authentic

About Us:

The new ambiance that you can live real traditional Mediterranean And Turkish Food taste that is with experience for 20 years… Turkish Cuisine is the best cuisine at Mediterranean cuisine…


Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine

Coming from humble backgrounds, I am very excited to open my own restaurant in New York City. It makes me proud to contribute to women-owned businesses in the city

Authentic Experience

The people, food, and the prime location make Ali Baba the perfect place for friends and family to gather and make great memories. Every dine at Ali Baba Authentic should have you feeling happy and inspired by the food we proudly serve.


  • Raw Meatballs
  • Chicken Adana Sandwich with any Soda
  • Kofte Sand with any free Soda
  • Doner Sand with any free Soda
  • Felafel Sandwich with any free Soda
  • Ozbek Mantisi
  • Chicken Topkapi

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