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About Us:

ASL Translation is a young Company which owned by Asli Cavlak who is an Official Court Interpreter in the New York State Courts and Sworn Translator of the Turkish Consulate of New York. We are ambitious to serve the community and be one of the top companies in the field. Started with translation in Turkish, now we translate in Spanish, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Chinese and many more languages. Our cause is not only financial gain for ourselves, we aim to expand the business and be able to employ more people within our company. Turning to good purpose is what we are working for both for our customers and employees.

We Offer a Wide Range of Translation Services:

Asl Translation is a translation platform that has been providing high-quality and professional translation services for over 10 years. Many customers feel that Asl Translation is the best translation platform for their requirements. Check out the client testimonials.

Document Translation:

  • Letter Translations
  • Commercial Documents Translations
  • Marketing Materials Translations
  • Legal Documents Translations

Apostille / Legalization:

  • Authentication of Documents
  • Certify the Signature Identify The Seal Involves Several Entities Legalization
  • Higher Government Authority

Localization Services:

  • Penetrate Foreign Markets
  • Reach New Clients or Consumer Groups
  • Increase International Sales
  • Gain a Competitive Advange
  • Advantage Over
  • Regional Rivals

Website Translation:

  • Software Applications
  • Html, PHP, Javascript, and Flash Files
  • Open Source and Proprietary CMS Systems
  • Multimedia Files

Contact Us:

Address: 4th Ave, 85th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Phone:+1 (646) 384-0069


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