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About Us:

As Aslan Bazaar, we bring quality market products to your feet. Visit our website now to choose the product you want and place an order!

Best Sellers:

– Al Rifai Mix Kernels & Peanut Krikri Tin 450gr $15.99

– Al Rifai Classic Mix Tİn 450 gr $8.99

– Al Rifai Mix Kernels & Peanut Krikri 300gr $11.99

– Al Rifai Mix Kernels 300gr $13.99

– Aleppo Akkawi Cheese Jar 400gr $7.99

– Aleppo Labneh W/Mint In Oil 425gr $9.99

Marmarabirlik Gemlik Black


– Uludag Gazoz Sugar Free 250ml 6Pcs

– Uludag Mineral Water 200ml 6Pcs

– Uludag Gazoz 250ml Glass 6Pcs

– Doganay Turnip Juice Mild

– Kilikya Turnip Juice Mild

Uludag Gazoz Sugar


– Ulker Choconat Wafers 33gr 24 Pcs

– Ulker Chocolate Wafers 5pk 180gr

– Ulker Pistachio Milk Chocolate 70gr

– Ulker Rulokat Wafers 170gr

– Ulker Halley Biscuit 300gr

– Ulker Napoliten Milk Chocolate 33gr

Ulker Pistachio Milk Chocolate


– Marmarabirlik Black Olives Low Salt 800gr

– Marmarabirlik Kuru Sele Black Olives

– Merve Beef Mortadella Plain 1lb

– Muratbey Grill Cheese (Halloumi) 200gr

– Merve Beef Sliced Salami 1lb

– Balparmak Special Blend Flower 460gr

– Balparmak Pine Honey 460gr

– Taciroglu Goat Cheese 450gr

– Beirut Sesame Tahini 1lb

– Caykur Altinbas Tea 500gr

– Caykur Organic Hemsin Tea 400gr

– Ulker Icim Labneh 400gr

– Ulker Icim Butter 500gr

What you see above are just a few of the products. Visit our website now to see more and order! If you have a question or criticism, you can reach us from the contact addresses below!

Contact Us:

Address: 4450 W Hillsboro Blvd, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Phone: (561) 359-4117


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