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As Attila Ozan Yildiz, we find safe houses in Florida for you thanks to Miami Starr Properties! Contact us now! Business-driven Real Estate Leader with Retail Executive and Hospitality Management background, with a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hotel Management, delivering outstanding returns driving sales and operations to new and exciting levels of performance. A business leader executing best practices with major companies.

Deliver strong measurable improvements that translate to multimillion-dollar growth. Extensive understanding of marketing and sales processes at a global level. Inspirational motivator and team builder with a reputation for developing and building high-performing teams that have resulted in bottom line profits and organizational excellence.

Charismatic, articulate, and persuasive; Proactive business developer, marketer, merchandising, and retail strategist expanding new territories, brand presence, and market share in competitive and diverse market conditions. Multi-lingual: Fluent in English, and French; Proficient in Spanish; Native Turkish. I am a BOLD and ALC member of our marketplace.

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Address: 1680 Meridian Ave, Ste 200 Miami Beach, Florida, 33139, USA.

Phone: +1 786-333-3727


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