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Av. Michael K. Kiran Attorney specializing in the practice of immigration law. Admitted to practice law in PA, NJ & NY.


Av. Michael K. Kiran earned his undergraduate degree in Administration of Justice from Penn State University.  He received his Juris Doctor degree from Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware.

Professional Experience

Av. Michael K. Kiran has focused his practice in immigration law since 2005. Initially practicing in a Philadelphia firm where he became a partner, Mr. Kiran left in 2011 to start his own firm.  He brings a wealth of immigration experience to the HCK immigration department.

Throughout his legal career, Mr. Kiran has placed a special focus on helping clients facing deportation and removal.  Mr. Kiran has traveled across the United States defending persons who the government sought to deport. 

Av. Michael K. Kiran also handles matters involving family-based petitions, fraud, and unlawful presence waivers, victim U visas, citizenship, and naturalization matters.  In addition to his practice before the USCIS and Immigration Courts, Mr. Kiran has successfully helped many people obtain marriage, fiancée, investor, and performer visas through consular processing. 

Mr. Kiran frequently advised criminal attorneys as to the immigration law implications of accepting a plea bargain for a particular offense, a role that he will continue with HCK.

Admitted to Practice

Av. Michael K. Kiran is admitted to practice in the states of New Jersey, New York Bar, and Pennsylvania.  He has practiced law since 2005.

My Comments After Client Results:

“As a specialist Immigration lawyer, I am very happy to represent my client who was deprived of his legal rights as a result. For our client, who has had a deportation decision for 20 years, we abolished the deportation decision by using the precedent in the new constitutional court. As an immigration lawyer, it is a pleasure and a source of pride to remove my client’s grievances. After that, the way is clear.”

“Deportation orders are one of the most complicated legal issues in the immigration field, which makes many people suffer. As a lawyer who has specialized in immigration for years, I am happy to have successfully represented another client in such a difficult case (removing the deportation decision 20 years ago).”

“We enabled our client, who is imprisoned in Texas, to be released from prison by determining the bail amount of $2500 in the court held today.”


  • Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)
  • Member of the American Bar Association

Lawyer Michael K. Kiran, we are pleased to provide you with benefits on immigration law. In this regard, we pass through and examine all kinds of problems that come to your mind. Of course, everyone wants a good defense and justice process. How well-equipped the person doing it is is as important as wanting it. That’s why you can trust us completely. Lawyer Michael K. Kiran, we put aside rote learning and strive to solve the problems of our customers, namely you, in the best way possible.

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