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Beyti Kebab Restaurant

About Us:

In 1983, Beyti went into business with a few tables and a small butcher store and went into service with its two services at the first and only location in Union City in the year 1983. For the first time in New Jersey, there was a restaurant serving Turkish Food, fulfilling the demand and also a meat market that would satisfy the needs for the cultural Turkish cooking in homes around the area. Since the starting days, we have not compromised from our service, quality products, and taste. Taking it on ourselves to represent the rich Turkish Kebab and Appetizer culture while staying true to taste and tradition.

Beyti Kebab - Authentic Turkish Restaurant

Beyti has been serving the NY / NJ area with 100% Halal and only Halal food since it opened in 1981. Beyti was the first Turkish as well as the first Halal restaurant in NY/NJ. Since then, our menu has grown to include more vegetarian and seafood options – enriching our exquisite menu. Our main dishes are served on a heap of buttery rice with grilled tomatoes and peppers. Tasty sandwiches and salads are ideal for lunch as is the hearty lentil soup.

Beyti also serves more conventional fare, like a sparkling array of dips and spreads with puffy bread, and the usual chops and kebabs. The service is so pleasant, you will want to linger over desserts such as baklava or kadayif, shredded wheat with walnuts, and strong Turkish coffee. Looking for a place to have a private party? Our party room with a capacity to seat 160 people which comes with a party floor, stage, and sound system, is ideal for birthdays, engagements, showers, reunions, fundraising, family/corporate events.



Our ambitious menu offers a Grand Bazaar’s worth of Turkey’s culinary riches, from our signature Chicken Salad to an enormous array of meze, appetizers hot and cold. Still hungry? Explore a wealth of kebabs, a luxury of lamb, and a surplus of seafood dishes like the whole levrek.   We offer great food, great service and very reasonable prices with free delivery. 


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Address: 4105 Park Ave, Union City, NJ 07087, USA
Telephone: (201) 865-6281
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