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About Us:

As Burger Plus, we are ready to offer you delicious burgers! Do not forget to visit our website to visit us, we are waiting for you!


Big Burger:

Hungry? Try our 1/3 pound and 1/4 pound options!
Our sumptuous appetizers are the perfect way to nibble between slices or start your meal. Impossible patties are cooked on the same grill as beef, and chicken and may come into contact with these ingredients.


– Kofta Kebab $6.99

– Angus Beef  $7.85

– Spanish Beef $7.99

– Cowboy Beef $7.99

– Lamb $7.99

– Grilled Chicken $7.99

– Crispy Chicken $6.99

– Impossible $8.99

– Salmon $7.99

– Crispy Fish $7.99

– Falafel $6.99

– Gyro $6.99

Burger Plus Hamburger

Burger Plus Hamburger

Chicken & Fish:

– Crispy Chicken Strips $7.85

– Nugget $6.15

– Wings $8.85

– Shrimp $5.99

– Fish Strips $5.99



– Soft Drinks $2.49

– Can Soda $2.59

– Other Drinks $3.59  


Burger Plus Chicken Strips

Burger Plus Chicken Strips

What you see above are just a few of the menus. If you want to see more or review the entire menu, you can visit the website. Don’t miss these opportunities! Burger Plus looks forward to welcoming you with its friendly teammates.

If you are looking for a nice dinner or a nice meal at a nice part of the day, this is the place for you! Delicious meals of many varieties from burgers to snacks are waiting for you!  


Contact Us:

Address: 1216 Main Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey, USA

Phone: +1 973-955-4697

E-Mail: info@burgernj.com

Website: Click here!

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