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About Us:

At Cumhuriyet School, we are here to educate our students of all ages in a good way! Contact us now and ensure your child’s education! Adhering to the principles of Ataturk and the values ​​of the Republic, believing that every child is a separate value, open to innovations, idealistic, knowing how to search when appropriate, learning to have fun with children, constantly renewing himself, dedicating years to education, open to all innovations brought by technology, loving people and nature.

We will conduct our training with the ideas of the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal. We aim to be a learning environment and organization. “My spiritual heritage is science and reason. Those who want to adopt me after me will be my spiritual heirs if they accept the guidance of reason and knowledge on this fundamental axis.” In the light of his words, he is respectful to learning, our national culture and universal values, has a command of his mother tongue, can use Turkish effectively, has high self-confidence, is inquiring, inquisitive, respectful, sensitive to social issues, and the world he lives in, to guide and raise the shining stars of the future. We started our pleasant journey.

We envisage creating synergy in a family-friendly environment with respect, unity, and solidarity in all of our posts.

Schedule of Our Lessons:

Age 5 – Kindergarten:

Children’s learning abilities are at their highest until the age of 6 years. For this reason, the most important education in education is pre-school education. During these periods, children learn a lot from many people, especially their parents, and they do not forget what they learned until the end of their lives. During pre-school education, children not only prepare for primary education but also learn many things such as sharing, solidarity, socializing, working together, and living. The aim of pre-school education is to arouse children’s interest in learning and to determine the child’s existing abilities.

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Address: 323 East 91st STREET New York, 10128, USA.


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