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About Us:

As Edumap Study Abroad Services, we are happy to offer the best education to our valued customers. We are waiting for you among us! EDUMAP Sibel Yilmaz Abroad Education and Career Center “provides service to our students with a total of 5 branches, 4 of which are abroad.


Founded in 2014, our Bursa-based company continued its journey with its own name and brand. EDUMAP, which supports the students it sends abroad throughout their education, has set out with this working principle. It aimed to communicate with students and continued the necessary support abroad, in its branches and offices abroad.


Certificate Education Abroad are programs in which students can receive short-term education in the areas they want to improve themselves. In this way, students can contribute to themselves professionally before or after university. With the long duration of some programs, the fact that students have the opportunity to receive education as much as the university education period can provide a different experience for students.

Thanks to the schools that offer a wide range of certificate programs in various parts of the world, students can receive certificate training in the field of profession they want to improve themselves in America, Canada, England, Ireland and Australia.


The best possible answer to the question of how can I improve my language, which is a question asked by everyone, is to go to a country where the mother tongue of the desired language is to be developed and receive that education in that country. Learning the language in the country where the language is spoken takes you out of your comfort zone and affects you to find solutions faster and a faster language development. Instead of thinking as your own language and trying to set it up in your mind, you can think quickly as if that language is your own language and have a faster and more effective speech. This makes it possible to study a language abroad in a country with a clearer result than in the country.


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