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About Us:

Enigma Meditteanean Story:

We bet you won’t find any better. Better food, better mood. Always fresh, never frozen.

Our meals are healthy and delicious, our service is friendly and professional with many Turkish and Eastern Mediterranean flavors, and our atmosphere is romantic and lively. Whether you want to have a snack alone or spend time with your lover or friends, you will have a great time in the Kitchen.  


Enigma Mediterranean Dishes and Events:

Spend your special days and dinners with us! We are honored to accompany you with our reliable team and quality food. We can promise you that you will have a happy evening with our different food menus and drinks.




Enigma Mediterranean Menu:

At Enigma Mediterranean, we are happy to share with you our menus, which include quality and exciting dishes. The images below include our unique menu, where you can quickly eat the flavors you want or are interested in. To order, click the button below or visit our other social media accounts.


Favorite Food: 

1.Chicken Adana

 2.Lamb Adana




6.Pide Ground Beef


8.Kuzu Sis Kebab


Potty Entress: 

Served with Grilled Tomato, Onion, and Pepper with Rice.

 1. Tavuk Doner / Chicken Gyro

2. Tavuk Sis / Chicken Sish Kebab

 3. Tavuk & Peynir Adana

 4. Tavuk Pirzolası

5. Tavuk Hünkar Beğendi

6. Tavuklu Karışık Izgara


Lamb Entress: 

Izgara Domates, Soğan ve Biber ile Pilav ile Servis Edilir.

1. Döner Kebap / Türk Gyro

2. Adana Kebap

 3. Köfte Kebap / Kuzu Köfte 

 4. Kuzu Şiş Kebap

 5. Kuzu Pirzola / Kuzu Pirzola

 6. Kuzu Hünkar Beğendi

 7. Karısık Kebap


Pide / Pide: 

All are served with cheese.

1. Pita Cube Beef

2. Minced Pita

 3. Pita Cheese

 4. Mixed Pita

 5. Lahmacun

 6. Steer Pepper

 7. Add Egg



Call us now to reserve your table for your best dining experience ever.



Address : 146 Bustleton Pike Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053
Phone : +1(215) 856 589 95 89
Online Ordering : Buraya Tıklayın
Other Website : Buraya Tıklayın

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Q Are your products fresh?

Yes, our products are prepared fresh and served to you. This order applies to all our kitchens. We do not bring you any of our products that we are not sure of the taste. Bon Appetit :)

Q Are your products halal slaughter?

Yes, our meat products are offered to you as halal slaughter.

Q Do you also accept returns on your products? What should I do when I don't like the product?

Since our products are in food status, they are packaged and sent to you in a fresh way. You can send your criticisms about our product to us via e-mail or our other accounts. We cannot accept returns unless there is an absurd situation. Bon Appetit!

Q How can I order?

To order, simply contact us via our website or phone number. Our hot and fresh products are waiting for you!