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About Us:

At Gyroland NYC, we are here to provide you with quality service. We are waiting for you with our delicious doner kebabs and chickens. Do not waste any time to taste our products suitable for all ages and contact us! These products, which you will enjoy with your family, are checked by our experts and served to you. We never serve any product that we do not trust, to our valued customers. We want you to know our sensitivity on this matter.

If you want to spend a nice day with these foods, you can check our contact information and menus below and contact us.






-Lentil  $5.95

-Chicken Noodle $5.95

-Tomato $5.95

-Soup Of The Day $5.95



(Small $8.45 / Large $10.95)





-Mixed Green




(Small $6.50 / Large $11.95)


-Baba Ganoush

-Eggplant Salad



-Stuffed Grape Leaves



-Russian Potato Salad



Main Dishes:

(Pita : $7.95 / Wrap : $8.95 / SM Plate : $11.95 / LG Plate: 16.95)


– Lamb Gyro

– Chicken

-Gyro Combo

-Lamb Shish

-Beef Shish

-Chicken Shish

-Grilled Chicken

-Lamb Adana

-Chicken Adana

-Grilled Meatball

-Finger M.


-Lamb Chops

-Roasted Chicken


Mixed Grilled:

-Small  $18.95

-Large  $27.95


Gyroland NYC Contact

Address: 519 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA

Telephone: 212-755-1218

Website: Click Here

Turkishbazaar: Click Here  


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