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Istanbul Grill California

About Us:

At Istanbul Grill California, we strive to serve you delicious food. If you want to experience this experience, visit us!

At Istanbul Grill California, We are the first and most authentic Turkish Restaurant in California. Our cozy restaurant in the heart of California has become a part of the community. All these years, we have remained true to our belief that good food should be made with passion from the heart. It makes us happy to develop together with you and always cook good meals.
Every day at dawn our kitchen starts to prepare each item on the menu from scratch with unique spices and ingredients. Whether it’s our famous brick oven bread or our award-winning rice puddings, the key to our success has always been our commitment to the integrity of our recipes.

Istanbul Grill California Menu:



Option 1:


– Chicken Shish Kebab (Cubes)

– Ribeye Steak Kebab

– Mixed Grill Kebab

– Lentil Soup

– Falafel

– Hummus


Option 2:

Cold Appetizers

– Hummus

– Baba Ganoush

– Labne (Haydari)

– Spicy Chopped Salad

– Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmas)

– Appetizers Sampler 




Option 3:

Hot Appetizers

– Falafel

– Cheese Rolls


Option 4:

Salad & Soups

– Shepherd Salad

– Arugula Salad

– Mixed Green Salad

– Chicken Vegetable Soup

– Lentil Soup


Option 5: 

ENTREE SPECIALS: Select any entrée with a choice of an appetizer and baklava $19 

ENTRÉE: Each entrée is accompanied by a side order of house salad (with feta cheese, add $1), rice, and our delicious brick oven homemade bread.

– Falafel Plate

– Lamb Adana Kebab

– Iskender Kebab

– Ribeye Steak 

– Mixed Grill Kebab

– Sebze (Vegetable) Kebab

– Döner Kebab

– Tavuk (Chicken) Şiş Kebab

– Adana Kebab

– Tavuk (Chicken) Adana Kebab

– Köfte Kebab




At Istanbul Grill California, we are working to serve you delicious food. We carefully examine our products from the first to the last. Together with our experienced colleagues, we are making plans to prepare better meals for you. Everyone wants to have a good meal. However, only experts in this field can do this. We instill not only food but also confidence in you. Let’s live this experience together. If you want to experience this experience, visit us!

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