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Jack’s Bakery & Eatery

About Us:

As Jack’s Bakery & Eatery, we are ready to serve you delicious food! Do not forget to check our website to visit us, we are waiting for you!

We opened our doors in 1988 as a Middle Eastern Bakery and over the years added trending items to the menu such as authentic Middle Eastern baked goods, kebabs, and fresh pastries all made in-house.

Jack comes from quite an entrepreneurial background. Jack is Armenian from the Middle East. Starting to work at a very young age to help support his widowed mother. Jack learned the machining trade and soon became a successful machinist throughout the Middle East. Later, Jack became a popular singer with a band that toured through neighboring countries and used his talent to earn his way to the U.S. After moving to the states, Jack found an opportunity to open a small grocery store and deli in Hollywood, CA. During that endeavor, Jack started to miss the food from back home and realized there wasn’t much out here that was even comparable.

His inspiration now is his vast culturally diverse customer base whom he treats like family. He is proud to share his culture’s food with others.

Our Food

Great taste can only be made by sourcing the best ingredients. At Jack’s, we use only quality brands and fresh ingredients for all of our dishes.

Our baked goods are hand-made from scratch and made fresh daily. Our dishes are made from only the best meats and cheeses and are made when you order for best possible flavor.



– Hummus $6

– Baba Ghanoush $7

– Lentil Soup $5

– Jajukh $6


– Chicken Panini $11

– Sujuk P. $11

– Bastarma Panini $13

– Beef Shawarma $11

– Falafel $9

– Adana Kebab $11

– Chicken Kebab $11

– Shish Kebba $11  

Baked Goods:

– Khachapuri $11

– Cheese Manaish $5.5

– Spicy Cheese Boreg $5.5

– Spinach Boreg $3

– Zaatar Manaish $3

– Lahmajun 2.35  

Desserts / Hot Drinks:

– Knafeh $9

– Baklava

– Walnut $1.25

– Pistachio $2

– Armenian Coffee $3

– House Blend Tea $2.5  

What you see above are just a few of the menus. If you want to see more or review the entire menu, you can visit the website. Don’t miss these opportunities!

Jack’s Bakery & Eatery looks forward to welcoming you with its friendly teammates. If you are looking for a nice dinner or a nice meal at a nice part of the day, this is the place for you! The delicious cuisine with many varieties from kebab to baklava is waiting for you!  

Contact Us:

Address: 10515 W McFadden Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92843, USA.

Phone: +1 714-775-6773

Website: Click here!

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