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About Us:

Our restaurant serves the traditional tastes of Mediterranean with the love and respect that you deserve. Our specialties include the best of Turkish cuisine, Greek cuisine, and overall known as Mediterranean Cuisine. Our Greek Restaurant takes pride in preparing old family recipes from the Mediterranean region including the countries in southern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa that are also healthy and great-tasting. We value quality ingredients and look for foods that are hormone-free, natural, and locally produced whenever possible.

Our Food Policy:

In order to provide you the best, healthy food, our Greek Restaurants are using high-quality, organic, grass-fed, cage-free, halal, non-GMO, non-MSG, preservative-free, non-antibiotic, gluten-free local ingredients when it is possible. Mediterranean Cuisine is also famous for its wide variety of Vegan, Vegetarian and “KETOGENIC” options.

Our Recognition:

Every menu item our Greek Restaurant provides is prepared on a daily basis from scratch by our Owner and Exe. Chef Ekrem in our kitchen. As a result of his talent, tireless efforts, and passion, Kabob Republic has achieved many awards and recognitions.

We Offer Catering:

Let us turn your event to a flavorful feast! We cater flavor for all occasions to make your event special in Orange County! With over 20 years of culinary and event management experience, our Business Owner and Executive Chef Ekrem will be happy to help you in creating the best quality, yet affordable catering bundle that fits your needs and will impress your guests for any size group or event.

Kabob Republic serves the best döner gyro in O.C.

Chef Ekrem Ozturk opened Kabob Republic in October, a spinoff of his eponymous Chef Ekrem’s Mediterranean Grill, a food stall he opened last year inside Irvine’s Wholesome Choice Grocery. The new restaurant is tiny but stunningly pretty, a blue-and-white jewel-box straight out of Santorini, or maybe Bodrum, with dozens of evil-eye pendants lining the walls to ward off bad luck and dark spirits.

Chef Ozturk makes a fascinating mushroom dip with thickened kefir, which is a sort of Greek cream cheese. He boils the mushrooms with garlic and herbs, then folds them into the kefir. It’ll be an unfamiliar texture and flavor for a lot of diners, but I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t end up liking it. I can’t imagine anyone not liking the chicken breast kabobs, either. They appear to be marinated in yogurt, so juicy and tender yet lightly charred around the edges. Also noteworthy is the Beyti kabob, a ground beef kabob that’s wrapped in lavash and smothered in tomato sauce and butter. Halal, who?

You can visit the website to see the menu and find out more, or if you want to review the entire menu. Don’t miss these opportunities! Kabob Republic is looking forward to welcoming you with its friendly teammates.


Contact Us:

Address: 1781 Newport Blvd Ste C Costa Mesa, CA 92627, USA.

Phone: +1 949-764-1778

E-Mail: info@kabobrepublic.com

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