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Address: 645 Kinderkamack Rd, River Edge, NJ 07661, USA
Telephone: (201) 262 4400
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Kilim Mediterranean Cuisine NJ

About Us:

Eat to live or live to eat?

Teste of Turkish Specialties at Kilim Mediterranean Cuisine NJ.



Ask For Soup Of The Day…Satisfies your stomach, satisfies your mouth. Who doesn’t like lentil soup? Kilim Mediterranean Cuisine

kilimakdeniz | çorbalar














The most delicious spoon that you will ever taste! Kilim Salad.

We choose the best farm-fresh ingredients and make it all from scratch. | salatalar


Kilim Mediterranean Cuisine NJ – Zeytinyagli

kilimakdeniz | zeytinyağlı


Our favorite Mediterranean dish ? It has been said that they shouldn’t be thicker than your index finger? Stuffed Grape Leaves And, Are you one of the okra-lovers or okra-haters? If you are an okra-lover, you need to experience this flavor. If latter, well, it seems you haven’t tasted our okra recipe. Enjoy!

Cold Appetizers

kilimakdeniz | Soğuk Mezeler

Cold Appetizers

For spicy lovers!  Acili Ezme …

Hot Appetizers

  Have you ever tried Zucchini Pancakes? It’s made of… zucchini and… lots of love and the best flavors!!! ? 

Hot Appetizers | Food

Hot Appetizers


#KingofKebabs it’s Adana! Join Kilim Family to experience the best kebab experience in the USA! Adana Kebab is made from the meat of a male lamb that is younger than one year of age. The animal needs to be grown in its natural habitat and fed with the local flora. There are many variations of kebab such as Urfa, Antep, Mersin, all named after the cities of Turkey. Oh, you must be seeking the answer to the question ? It’s popular because it is quite extraordinarily delicious! and you can test all Turkish Specialities at Kilim Mediterranean Cuisine…

Charcoal Grilled Kebabs

Premium Charcoal Grilled Selection

kilimakdeniz | Premium Kömür Izgara Seçimi


Chef’s Specials  Turkish Specialties

kilimakdeniz | Şefin Spesiyalleri














Kilim-Mediterranean-NJ  Seafood

kilimakdeniz | Deniz ürünleri


Hello Kilimmers! Did you know that Pharaohs ate falafel? Today we mostly know about Falafel from Lebanese cuisine, even though there are certain debates between Israelis and Lebanese ? However, the history of falafel dates back to Pharaonic Egypt. The vegan pharaohs! Enjoy your health! We care about you! ??
Have you ever tried Pide, delicious homemade bread! Cooked without additives!

Turkish Specialties Baklava Desserts

From the very heart of Anatolia, crunchy Baklava! #baklavalovers

Return Policy:

You can return faulty products within 30 days of receiving your package. For this, please contact us.

We will be happy to see you among us with our delicious food and friendly staff. If you want to dine with your whole family in a warm atmosphere, you are definitely in the right place. We do not offer you any product that we are not sure of its taste. Each of our products is prepared with quality ingredients and brought to you by our master chefs. Then stop by us without wasting any time! Our location and other contact information are listed below. You can reach me whenever you want. See you!


Address: 645 Kinderkamack Rd, River Edge, NJ 07661, USA
Telephone: (201) 262 4400
Online Order: Click Here
Other Website: Click Here

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Q Is there any online order?

Yes, we have online ordering available.
You can reach this address:

Q Is there a vegetarian menu available?

Yes, it is available.