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Mine Malkoc Violin & Piano Teacher

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Mine Malkoc likes to teach her students is to continue their studies with a target in mind and create opportunities to play in a concert. started her piano education at the age of 5 as a hobby and started her formal education when she got admitted to Hacettepe Ankara State Conservatory violin section at age 10. After graduating from Hacettepe University she continued her studies at Rotterdam Music and Dance Academy in the Netherlands. After finishing her studies in the Netherlands, she got accepted to Baskent University Academic Orchestra. While working in the orchestra she performed with other orchestras and chamber music groups along with solo concerts and lessons.

In the meantime, she got her master’s degree from Baskent University Conservatory. After 15-years of orchestra and tutoring experience, she now lives in Boston. She loves playing classical and romantic period. In addition to her orchestral and concert work. She has been teaching various age groups since her undergraduate years which was approximately 19 years ago. She has preschooler students who started as a hobby, students who wanted to get certificates from programs, and students of various ages who were preparing for school, orchestra, or conservatory exams.


In accordance, she plans her lessons based on these differences. Each student has their own needs, specific learning style, and pace. We provide the necessary material, environment, and training to create the excitement of being a part of the music. We enjoy the time we spend with our students. Besides adapting his teaching methods accordingly, the part he thinks is most important is finding personalized solutions.

To do that, it is necessary to be familiar with the personality of the student, connect with them and proceed to the next step by being target-oriented. Having 20 years of experience, she thinks being in a good relationship with students, their families, and their other teachers are important. Being available to them strengthens the relationships.

In addition to instrument education, researching music, teaching to find their own solutions, and even teaching them how to teach can be part of their education. Another subject she likes to teach her students is to continue their studies with a target in mind. In addition to their alone practices, she likes to create them for opportunities to play in a concert. To further their professional careers, she recommends them to routinely perform since she thinks you can only attain concert experience by playing in a concert.

What she most likes about teaching is the fact that she also learns from her students and occasions that arise while teaching. Mine Malkoc always wants teaching to be part of her life since it is beneficial for problem-solving, researching, empathizing, and communication skills. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FSqwdtZYD0&list=RD0FSqwdtZYD0&index=1



For 20 years after my undergraduate life, I have been teaching various age groups. I have had preschooler students who started as a hobby, students who wanted to get certificates from programs, and students of various ages who were preparing for school, orchestra, or conservatory exams. In accordance, I plan my lectures based on these differences. Each and every student has their own needs, specific learning styles, and pace. Providing the materials, environment, and education necessary to create the excitement to be part of the music and to induce the love for violin and music makes me enjoy the time I spend with my students as well.


I like to work on a goal with my students even if they want to play as a hobby, for an exam, or just for learning to play music. The goal always leads to further accomplishments. In my lessons, I also like to provide information about general music knowledge, culture, composers, performance artists, etc. Because learning violin and music are inseparable parts of this learning process, one of my goals is to encourage to be a musician with an awareness of music culture.

In my lesson, we will learn, have fun, think and listen. How she jams with you …“I’m have taught students from different age groups for about 20 years and I continue my teaching life with my 20 years of experience. I try to arouse curiosity in my students and instill a love of music. I’m planning my lessons according to each student’s needs, specific learning schedules, and pace. The most important approach to my lessons is to find unique solutions for each student.”


I have 20 years of experience both teaching and performing


I provide in-home lessons in the greater Boston area. I also provide online lessons.


I teach all age groups and adults starting with the age of 4.


Lesson duration per week is 30, 45, or 60 minutes Please use the Contact Form to request more information.

As Violin & Piano teacher Mine Malkoç, it gives us peace of mind to teach you these instruments in a nice way. We prepare a rigorous study program with our students of all ages, training and teaching them to play better in the future. Of course, everyone wants to play an instrument beautifully. We leave the rote mentality aside, pursue how we can teach them in the best way, and instill confidence in our students by standing by their side. In this way, they feel more comfortable and can play their instruments with confidence without being afraid of making mistakes. If you want to receive this kind of training, you should definitely contact us. You can reserve your place immediately by using the links and contact addresses below. So don’t wait and contact us now!


Address: Boston, MA, USA
Telephone: 617 477 79 51
E-mail: violin.mine@gmail.com
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Violin Solo
Johann Sebastian Bach
Niccolo Paganini
Violin & Piano
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johannes Brahms
Claude Debussy
Cesar Franck
Henryk Wieniawski
Fritz Kreisler
Bela Bartok
Antonin Dvorak
Manuel de Falla
Karol Szymanowski
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