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Okan Immigration Law Group 

About Us:

Okan Immigration Law Group is the foremost provider of professional legal services focusing on asylum, family green cards, I-751 petitions, and N-400 naturalization applications in the United States. The Okanlaw team is dedicated to providing high-quality immigration services mainly to the LGBTQ+ and Turkish communities.

Okan Immigration Law Group provides professional legal services only in the following immigration cases/applications:
  • Asylum
  • Marriage-Based green cards
  • I-751 Petitions (Removal of Conditions)
  • Citizenship/Naturalization

As the leading provider of immigration services for Turkish asylum seekers, the Okanlaw team has served more than 1,200 immigrants since 2013. We go to great lengths to provide a better experience than other law groups by focusing on access and empathy every step of the way. 

While most law groups claim to offer similar support and availability, they fall short in comparison to the Okanlaw team. We prepare our clients with mock interviews up until their actual interviews with immigration officials. We accompany our clients to their immigration interviews and never let them face federal officers alone! 

We understand that our clients trust us with their lives, and we make their safety and security our priority. We take an empathic approach because Okanlaw team members are also immigrants and know the threat of persecution, so we will defend you as if your case is our own case. 

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