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Licensed Mortgage Advisor: Oktay Demirdal

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We at Angel Oak Home Loans pride ourselves on helping home buyers become homeowners. Our lending practice is based on a core principle of providing consumers a variety of innovative mortgage products tailored to meet their individual home financing requirements.

We respect that everyone comes to us on unique circumstances. We are ready to advise them on the best way to meet their mortgage needs. It is our mission to offer traditional loan products and a portfolio program package. Also, offering this package allows us to help a wider population of people, including those who think it’s impossible to own a home.

Many of our clients recommend Angel Oak to a friend or colleague based on their positive experience working with us. When we say we are built for speed and driven by service, we mean it.

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About Angel Oak Home Loans

Angel Oak Home Loans is a full-service system focused on providing our borrowers with innovative mortgage loan products. Our lending app offers our clients a variety of traditional and non-traditional mortgage calculator products.

Angel Oak Home Loans understands our client’s unique mortgage calculator needs and helps guide them through the loan process.

The retail lending platform allows our licensed mortgage advisors to focus on purchases and refinances in communities operating from local branches throughout the Southeast and California.

The consumer direct platform services customers through leads generated online from our digital lending system which integrates consumers directly with our loan products. Both models follow an operational workflow designed with high customer service standards for a quick closing.

Built for Speed. Driven by Service. Close Quickly with Angel Oak Home Loans.

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