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Pasha Turkish Cuisine & Little Grand Bazaar

About Us:

Pasha Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant is an Arlington-born concept started in 2009. When you walk into Pasha, you feel you’ve stumbled into the cozy dining room of the Sultan himself. Ottomanesque fabric hangs from the rafters, warm wooden tables are already filling up, and an antique samovar graces the well-stocked bar.

Here, from our kitchens, a cornucopia of dishes will emerge like magic, and for a few hours, you will feel as pampered like royalty. 

Our Restaurant is art lies in its mastery of centuries-old cooking techniques from the Mediterranean world, one of the healthiest ways of feeding body and soul. Our varied menu is lovingly prepared and served with imagination, and its devoted clientele keeps coming back for more.

If you are unfamiliar with food from Turkey, you should definitely expand your culinary horizons. The richness of variety Turkish cuisine possesses is due to several factors.

In summary, the variety of products offered by the lands of Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Anatolia, interaction with numerous different cultures over a long historical process, the new tastes developed in the palace kitchens of the Seljuk and Ottoman empires have all played a part in shaping the new character of Turkish culinary culture.

To put the finishing touch on what we hope is a wonderful meal. We invite you to try our delicious desserts followed by Turkish coffee or Tea. You may also enjoy our domestic and imported wine and beer (especially our Turkish selections).

Our cuisine is a gastronomical experience, and you are welcome any time, whether you dine alone during lunch hour, or spend an evening dining with friends. Come and join our Pasha family, where our food is prepared with expertise… and love.

Pasha Turkish Cuisine

In the light of suggestions from our valued customers, we have decided to expand our restaurant business by adding small grocery section.

As traditional Turkish and Mediterranean food,  you can find olives & olive oil, Turkish delights, Turkish coffee & tea, dairy (Turkish cheese, butter, yogurt…etc), deli products, pantry essentials (legumes, grains, pasta, baking ingredients, seasonings & spices (Turkish oregano, sumac, mastic gum…etc), canned & jar products, jams & diabetic jams, honey, spreads, molasses, tahini), nuts, seeds, dried fruit (Turkish apricots and figs…etc), frozen foods, Turkish borek, spanakopita (spinach pie), simit (Turkish sesame bagel), gozleme, manti (ravioli), cookies, candy, wafers & chocolate, beverages, dinnerware, gifts and more… We strive to carter for the ever growing needs of our customers.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our Turkish and Mediterranean grocery store in Arlington, MA.


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