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Realtor Tanyeli Ballinger

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As Realtor Tanyeli Ballinger, I can help anyone looking to buy or sell a home in MA & NH, also in RI, Main, Vermont. I can also refer you to other agents in other states in the USA. We have a rich selection of databases for you to work with lawyers, investigators, repairmen, various mortgage brokers, and banks.

Depending on your financial and logistical situation, we have all kinds of solutions to choose from. If your house needs renovation, we cooperate with companies that will do it free of charge, and when we sell your house, we get paid. Additionally, Leading Edge real estate offers detailed data analysis on property values ​​in all neighborhoods, comparative market analysis, a support system of hundreds of agents just to name a few.

My strategic negotiation skills brought a hundred thousand dollar natural gas conversion project to our street at zero cost to 15 homeowners. I will negotiate on your behalf and help you make informed decisions, evaluate real estate investments, buy or sell your own home.

Leading Edge

Leading Edge – Real Estate

I am a real estate agent working in the states of MA, NH, RI. In addition, we can provide solutions to all your needs with our many professionals. Even if you don’t want to spend money on renovating your kitchen or bathroom before the sale, we work with companies that receive this type of work free of charge only when the sale is made. Even in places, we cannot reach, we direct you to reliable experts we know.  


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Address: Andover, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, 01810, USA.

Phone: (617) 470-2327


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