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About Us:

As a young girl growing up in Turkey, I remember my grandmother dyeing her own cotton and yarns. I remember my mother making beautiful embroideries and most of my clothing growing up. I remember street vendors hand-making what seemed to be anything that could be transformed from cotton or fabrics. It felt like everywhere I turned my head, rich textiles were in front of me. It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles in my adult years that I yearned for this seemingly integral aspect of my old home and upbringing.

My goal, above all, is to provide high-quality Turkish towels and clothing sourced fairly from trusted craftsmen at affordable prices. This meant that I would buy from places I knew; therefore, all my suppliers are individuals that I have met personally in Turkey—all masters of their craft. And because I was able to meet them, I have hand-picked every design and even collaborated on specific pieces like the Abundance Throw Blanket.

I started off with a stand in a local farmer’s market. Engaging with my customers was a facet of my new career journey that I instantly clicked with. Sharing the stories behind my products and connecting with them on that level was a wonderfully enriching experience for myself and my clientele, as they kept coming back! As my customer base kept growing, moving operations online was instinctive.

I felt like as part of moving online, I wanted to facilitate the same buying experience as if you were to come to my stand at the farmer’s market—conversational and friendly. That’s why you’ll notice on all my products a “Seller’s Note” which are all the additional ways I like to use or style each item. These are all products I believe in and I know you will too.

Turkan Home Mission: 

Each of our products is part of rich, storied history.
Peshtemals are versatile cotton textiles that we have seen trending in home decor and modern fashion, but they are far from a new concept. TurkanHome was founded with a core vision; to connect people through a shared love of artisan goods, while helping keep alive the traditions of artist culture in Turkey.

We take great pride in our process. The many personal connections involved in designing, making, producing, and sourcing our products make our business unique. TurkanHome allows us to contribute to inspiring lifestyles-ones filled with a need and appreciation for practicality, beauty, and sustainability.



Women In Business


We are focused on empowering women artists and entrepreneurs. With a background in international trade and sixteen years of experience in business, Songul has established an online community for Turkish women in business. Through this community, she aims to educate, encourage, and empower women to succeed. 

It is our mission to promote and celebrate the rich history and culture of Turkey’s makers. We work with many small, independently-owned operations that employ skilled artisans. It is because of each business’s specialty that we are able to source gorgeous textiles and offer a special and unique product offering to our customers. 

We believe in the quality and long lifespan of our products. 
For that reason, we source the highest quality products at as reasonable a rate as possible. We know that this intentional curation is the key to achieving sustainability. By providing top quality products purchased directly from skillful artisan-led makers, our customers will receive


Turkan Home Products: 

The beauty of Turkish towels is versatility. Each product can be used interchangeably depending on your lifestyle needs. However, each product has unique qualities that will make them best suited for specific purposes in your home.


Bath Towels


Turkish Towels have been globally recognized for their high quality, sustainability, and natural antimicrobial traits. They have the highest absorbency, dry quickly, and are made to not only withstand many items of washing but actually become softer over time.

Hospitality experts know the impression a soft, plush towel can make on a guest. Think of your favorite hotel or Airbnb you’ve stayed in–it’s the special attention to detail that adds such a memorable touch to the experience.

It’s easy to recreate that same feeling at home. Your favorite towels can be your every day or your own special touch for when you have guests over your home.



Throw Blankets


In-home decor, their lightweight and low-maintenance care make them an easy way to create a cozy moment, refresh seasonal decor, and reflect your personal style. They are excellent as blankets for the foot of your bed, folded over a sofa, or draped on your favorite reading chair.

For a lifestyle on the go, almost all of our throws are great to have on hand as a picnic or beach blankets. They can even double as an easy wrap or shawl in chilly evenings!

Shipping Policy:


Domestic Shipments:

Free for $45 and up and a flat rate of $5 will be charged below $45 purchases.

Should you have any concerns or request to rush your shipment, please write to us before you place your order. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

International Shipments:

Currently, we don’t ship to other countries.


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Address: 3666 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034, USA
Phone: +1 310-936-2052
E-mail: info@turkanhome.com 
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