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About Us:

Turkish Coffee Lady is an authentic gourmet coffee business continuing a 500-year-old tradition of bridging cultures. It is the first and only authentic gourmet coffee business in the U.S. with the mission of building a global community of coffee lovers. There is a famous Turkish saying that goes “A cup of Turkish coffee is remembered with an appreciation for 40 years” which means offering a cup of coffee binds a friendship. Turkish Coffee Lady shares her passion for her heritage and brings societies together over their mutual love for coffee.

Our Gourmet Coffee Blends

Our team is delighted to welcome you to our unique community of coffee lovers and invites you to experience our newly crafted flavors representing the colors of Turkey!

1) TCL Istanbul Gourmet Blend (Traditional)

Inspired by Turkey’s rich cultural heritage, Turkish Coffee Lady’s newly crafted coffee blends aim to highlight the country’s centuries-old culinary traditions. Istanbul gourmet coffee blend will take you on a timeless journey to this historical city, where the coffeehouse culture was flourished in 1554.

Created by award-winning coffee expert Cenk Girginol and named after one of the world’s greatest cities, Istanbul’s gourmet blend is a medium roast and 100% Arabica finely ground coffee. The special artwork on the package featuring Istanbul is made with coffee grounds by micro art master Hasan Kale.

5% of the sales from each blend for one year will support the women’s mentorship and leadership development programs of TCL Foundation, which is a Washington DC, based non-profit organization.

We invite you to experience the unique flavor of Istanbul coffee!




2) TCL Aegean Gourmet Blend (Mastic Gum Flavor)



3) TCL Cappadocia Gourmet Blend (Cardamom Flavor)




4) TCL Mardin Gourmet Blend (Mixed Flavor)






1) Traditional Gourmet Desserts:

– Baklava with Pistachio $2.35

– Baklava with Walnut $2.35

– Chocolate Baklava $2.35

– Pistachio, Chocolate Baklava $2.35

– Cold Milky Hazelnut Baklava $2.35

– Mussel Baklava With Pistachio $2.35

– Baklava Roll  With Pistachio $2.35

– Traditional Tulumba Dessert $1.50

– Kadayif $4.95

– Katmer With Pistachio $4.95

– Carrot Shaped Baklava $5.25

– Kunefe $5.95

– Mosaic Chocolate Cake $4.75  


2) Bakery & Treats

– Salty: –  Turkish Bagel (Simit) $3.75

–  Pastry With Cheese (Pogaca) $3.75

–  Pastry With Cheese & Olive Paste (Pogaca) $3.75

–  Borek (Fillo Dough) Spinach/Cheese $3.75  


3) Other:

– Turkish Coffee Ice-Cream (2 Scoops) $3.50  


Turkish Coffee Lady Contact:

Address: Washington, DC
Phone: +1 202 670 43 60
E-mail: hello@turkishcoffeelady.com
Web site:  Click Here!
Turkishbazaar: Click Here!