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Dolma Mediterranean Cuisine Boston

About Us:

Yesim Otsuz Chef

Yesim Otsuz Dolma Mediterranean Chef/ Owner

Our Chef

Yesim Otsuz is a self-taught cook, an artist, and founder of Dolma Mediterranean Cuisine. Yesim started Dolma with an amateur spirit. However, our attention to detail, love of cooking and excellent customer service further increased the quality and made you happy. Stuffed Mediterranean Cuisine Boston started in Yeşim’s tiny kitchen (Turkish Cuisine) and has now grown into a retail outlet in Brookline, MA.

Even when she lived in Antalya, Turkey, Yesim has always been a cook at heart. Her aunt was the best chef she knew, so she watched and learned traditional Turkish cooking skills starting from when she was very young. She continued to practice and advance her culinary skills, even after her youth. Yesim also graduated from the University of Business Hospitality and Tourism, which she has always been passionate about. However, since the kitchen is her happy place, she has learned to demonstrate her hospitality for her patrons through the art of food.

Three years ago Yesim and her husband Serkan made a decision to move to the U.S. where they quickly launched a successful local catering business. In their first three years, they delivered over 10,000 dolmas to customers around the city!

Yesim’s goal is to serve the most delicious food possible while also reducing the amount of waste produced by large-scale food production. By managing food sustainably we can reduce costs, provide for those who do not have enough to eat and conserve resources for our future generations.

Our mission is to support and nurture our neighbors, local organizations and corporate businesses with a smile on your face and love for our delicious food.

We all know food prepared with love Tastes Better!

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