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Where are the Turkish Airlines Offices in the US? Where is the Turkish Airlines Agency close to my near location? 

Starting on May 20, 1933, with five planes and fewer than 30 employees, our journey continues today as the airline flying to most countries in the world – celebrating its 87th year. Our 87-year success story is marked by the strength we have gained through challenges and difficult times.

Keeping up to date with technology is an essential component of our innovation aims and in maintaining that we have the youngest and most modern fleet in Europe. Our fleet had flourished thanks to our high-tech, fuel-efficient, and environmentally conscious aircraft purchases that provide a high level of comfort.

Due to our unrivaled flight network, young and modern fleet, comfortable seats, and delicious treats, we have earned the title of the Best Airline in Europe. With great passion and ambition, we fly to almost all countries around the world.

We thrive on the unique discoveries we deliver to our passengers. Turkish Airlines has engraved its name with exciting world-renowned sponsorships and advertisements. Our growing passion over the years has earned us the title of the airline that flies to most countries in the world.

Today we conduct flights to 120 countries from our new home, Istanbul Airport, with a young fleet of 367 aircraft. We proudly carry the Turkish flag across the globe, opening doors to the wider world for our passengers.

Turkish Airlines Offices in US List

Turkish Airlines Offices in US

Turkish Airlines Atlanta Offices Contact Info

  • Address: Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport 2600 Maynard H. Jackson Jr. BLVD
  • Working Hours: Ticketing/Reservation service is available Wed-Fri-Sun between 18:25 – 21:25 at the designated check-in counters.
  • Telephone: 1-800-874-8875 (call center)
  • Fax:
  • E-mail: sales.atl@thy.com

Turkish Airlines Boston Offices Contact Info

  • Address: 500 Terminal E Logan Int’l Airport East Boston, MA 02128
  • Working hours: Summer: Ticketing counters 20:00-23:00. Winter : Ticketing counters 19:00-22:00. Due to security regulations by the airport authority passengers cannot enter airport offices areas.
  • Telephone: 1 617 568 2557
  • Fax: 1 617 568 2559
  • E-mail: bosops@thy.com

Turkish Airlines Chicago Offices Contact Info

  • Address: O’Hare Int’l. Airport Terminal 5 Upper-Level UL 207 Chicago IL 60666
  • Working hours: Every day 14:00-22:00.
  • Telephone: +1 312 595 0849
  • Fax: +1 773 686 1668
  • E-mail: ordops@thy.com

Turkish Airlines Houston Offices Contact Info

  • Address: George Bush Intercontinental Airport IAH. 3700 North Terminal Rd. International Terminal D. Houston TX 77032
  • Working hours: Wednesday/ Friday/ Sunday: 14:30 to 21:00
  • Telephone: 800 874 8875
  • Fax: –
  • E-mail: iah.ticketing@thy.com

Turkish Airlines Los Angeles Offices Contact Info

  • Address: Tom Bradley International Airport Departure Level 380 World Way West Suite 3326 Los Angeles CA 90045
  • Working hours: Ticketing/reservation service is available for operating flights on flight days between 14:30 – 17:30 at the designated check-in counters. Operation Office is open every day between 11:00 – 19:30 and not accessible to the public.
  • Telephone: 13104148145/18008748875 (Call Center) Lost baggage: +1 866 810 7102
  • Fax: 1 310 695 6331
  • E-mail: Ticketing issues and ticket refund requests: reservation.lax@thy.com
  • Call Center: 1800 874 8 875 Only operational ticket transactions are made at the airport.

Turkish Airlines Miami Offices Contact Info

  • Address: Miami Int Airport, 5200 Nw 21St. Miami, Florida,33122
  • Working hours: Office opens 4 hours before the flight
  • Telephone: Call Center 1 800 874 8875
  • Fax: 786 558 7987
  • E-mail: miacustomer@thy.com

Turkish Airlines New York Offices Contact Info

  • Address: JFK International Airport Terminal 1 Jamaica NY 11430
  • Working hours: Daily 16:30-21:30
  • Telephone: 800-874-8875 (7/24 CALL CENTER)
  • Fax: 001-718-751-2688
  • E-mail: nyc.ticketing@thy.com

Turkish Airlines San Francisco Offices Contact Info

  • Address: San Francisco International Airport INTL Terminal san Francisco,CA 94128
  • Working hours: Reservation / Ticketing service is available only on operation days between 14:30-17:30 at the designated check-in counters.
  • Telephone: +1 415 510 77 77 / +1 650 821 24 30/32 / +1 800 874 88 75 (Call Center)
  • Fax: +1 650 821 2431
  • E-mail: info.sfo@thy.com

Turkish Airlines Washington DC Offices Contact Info

  • Address: Washington Dulles Internation Airport Main Terminal/Zone 4 Departure Level 1 Saarinen Circle Sterling VA 20166
  • Working hours: Monday-Friday 16:00-23:00
  • Telephone: IAD LOST BAGGAGE +1 703 661 47 30 IAD AIRPORT +1 703 661 47 40
  • Fax: +1 703 661 4740
  • E-mail: Ticketing Reservation: IADSALES@THY.COM 

Due to a high volume of calls, if you email the related department, we will contact you within 24 hours.

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6 Reviews for Turkish Airlines Offices in US

sdhylksafk89 1 Reviews


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System can't process payment for Taxes on Mileage Ticket

I’ve been trying to pay the taxes on a mileage ticket from my account for my sister. I’ve called repeatedly, flew on my own time and money to IAD to pay in person as advised, and was met by Yasser, a VERY rude manager who wouldn’t even try to help me but yet told me to email which I had already done. The email response was to pay at a sales office. He wouldn’t even LOOK at the email! I’ve called, submitted feedback, sent emails, sent DMs via Twitter, and no matter what, I keep getting the same information. The issue is not my credit card or bank, it’s the Turkish Airlines SYSTEM! The funny thing is that I can book and pay for a full cash fair, and it went right through! So TK is running a scam and basically doesn’t want me to be able to use my miles for a flight. This should be reported as fraudulent business practices.

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myrumi71 1 Reviews
Dysfunctional system & disempowered staff!

I traveled on Turkish Airlines for work, arranged by a corporate client, and loved it. Then I bought our tickets to Europe from them, and had to go through an agonizing, frustrating, and unfair ordeal for over 10 days before sorting out our seat arrangement so that we can sit together. Their system is old and dysfunctional, and their staff, even though empathetic, are unable to correct the many mistakes of their system. They all keep repeating the same instruction that does not work. How could such a good airlines have such a bad customer service, I wonder. I spent more time as the price of the ticket, to simply let them know about their mistake. I could have bought Business at this price. In fact, if this was a progressive company, they would have compensated us by upgrading our tickets, knowing how many mistakes they had made!

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rogersfa18 1 Reviews
Luggage Overcharges

We had a ticket booked on Turkish air with a checked bag for each of us – 2 passengers traveling together. Turkish Air changed the schedule of our first flight so that we could not make the connection of our second flight. We asked our travel agent to rebook which they did. When we got to the airport to leave, the gate agent said that our ticket now did not include luggage and we would have to pay by the kilo for our checked luggage. 30 minutes and two supervisors later we paid $533 and were assured that if we took this up with a ticket office we could get a refund. When we transferred in Istanbul that day I went to the Service Counter there in the International Transit area and was told that they do not do that ‘type of thing’. When we returned ti the USA we gave the receipt to our travel agent and they requested a refund. After two weeks, Turkish Air insisted that we had been billed for overweight luggage not the bag allowance itself, refused to grant a refund and finally provided a voucher for $305 that is only convertible into cash with an in-person visit to at Turkish Airlines office, which are all airport counters in the USA, like what we already tried and a long way from where we live. Then they said that they were done and the travel agent should stop talking to them about this claim. So, we are out the money for the bags; the travel agency is making us whole and we will never fly on Turkish Airlines again. Horrible, unimaginably incompetent and unhelpful. When this was going down I showed the Supervisor the original receipt for our tickets with the baggage allowance but she was unmoved and said it did not help as our tickets now did not show that!

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alsabah9471 1 Reviews
No one knows how to do their job

Ive been trying to get a refund for my flexible ticket which I PAID extra for but they have been playing me for a whole week now. Spending 1 hour minumim on the line with them noone is doing their job.

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shaheendeyaa67 1 Reviews
Turkish Airline's Unethical Violation of Consumer Protection Laws

Turkish Airlines is circumventing global consumer protection laws and is exercising unethical “bait and switch” activities with consumers who purchased their tickets from major travel websites such as Expedia. Furthermore, Turkish Airlines REFUSES to help you, and blame Expedia for their failures and then send you on a “wild goose chase” yo-yoing between Expedia and Turkish Airlines. The luggage cost was not disclosed at the time of ticket purchase. However, skyrocketing charges for luggage are disclosed only hours prior to the flight departure. If you refuse to pay, you will be asked to choose either to board the flight without your luggage or stay stranded in whatever international airport and country you are in and risk missing your connections. In August2022, I purchased my ticket which totaled $541.76 from the Expedia.com website for Turkish Airlines Flight # originating from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Brussels, Belgium. At the time of purchase, the ticket did not disclose how many bags each passenger is allowed to check in and carry on the plane. Turkish Airlines FAILED to communicate this information with or through Expedia. On 23Sep2022, the day of my departure, I arrived at Jeddah airport around 1am to catch my international Flight # 911 from Jeddah to Brussels. At the Turkish Airlines counter, I was informed that it costs Approximately $20 for each kilo of my checked bag, which ended up being approximately $400 to board (in addition to the $541.76 ticket price). I tried to resolve this issue with the Turkish Airline team at the airport, but I was treated very poorly and rudely. I filed a complaint with the airline but received no response. Furthermore, I was informed by the Turkish Airlines counter team that since my flight was not purchased directly from Turkish Airlines, that they had nothing to do with my ticket and were unable to assist and directed me to contact Expedia. While at the Jeddah airport, at risk of missing my flight, I contacted Expedia customer service who directed me back to Turkish Airlines stating that this was the information disclosed to Expedia by Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines FAILED to disclose complete information regarding the trip and consumers have to pay the price for their failure. In the end, I had to pay $400 for my luggage in excess of the ticket price to board my international flight and catch my connection from Brussels to the USA. I request that you fully investigate this incident and implement measures to protect consumers against these unethical practices. Finally, I am requesting a formal apology letter from Turkish Airlines for what I went through and want my $400 refunded in full.

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